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Water puppetry is a traditional and alsethic performing art in Vietnamese delta civilization. Annualy, on such special occasions as Lunar New Year or Mid Autumn Fesstival, follks and children gather around staging area where the puppets begin to tell ancient stories, or daily activities after a hard-working season. Water puppetry represents for the intellect of workers who has the artist’s soul.

The water puppet consists of two main parts: puppets and water. The puppet is the simple wooden sculpted puppets with hard lines and simple color. But  their combination with water that is liquid and soft creates phenomenal virtualization. Because it is created by farmers to entertain after hard-working crops, it still carries the rustic nature of Vietnamese people.

Today, the stage is invested and moved into the indoor stage, with the purpose of development and preservation. However, artisans still try to retain the tradition from the ancient. Currently, with the help of the departments and the enthusiasm of the artists, puppets have been brought into the big cities and traditional art performance spots to reach a large number of modern citizen.



20h00 – 20h30 every Friday

at Dau Homemade 1 Nguyen Van Trang, Ben Thanh, District 1, HCM City

Hotline: 0939888284

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Water puppet shows in Dau Homemade are performed by artisans who are also our employees. They are instructed and inspired with passion from artist Phan Thanh Liem – the father of mini water puppet art. Water puppet shows reproduce the life of Vietnamese workers at the prosperous period of wet rice civilization.

The plays praised farming; plowing and sowing; buffalo fighting; the belief if working hard today, success may be gained tomorrow; festival games such as buffalo fighting, boat racing; mythical mascots such as unicorn fighting, dragon dance, phoenix dance, turtle dance,…

The water puppet show in Dau Homemade brings a very different definition which seem to get lost for a long time. The stage can “move”. The audience not only watch the puppet show, but also try playing it on their own. The artisans don’t appear just for a few seconds then recede into the backstage, they stand there to instruct how to play the puppets.

Water puppets in Homemade Beans are closer and more flexible just for one aim: To ignite traditional yet forgotten cutural values among Vietnamese and foreign visitors, especially young genarations, so that all could have a chance to get access to traditional yet moral stories of wisdom.

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